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Sinking Foundation, Wall Cracks, Unlevel Floors?

Foundation issues can put a home in ruin. Permanently repair these with a lifetime guarantee, using our experts using proven top of the line "foundation piering" system,
Structural Reinforcement by DynaPier.

Wet, leaking or moldy basement or crawl space?

Leaking basement issues can cause major further damge to your home. Permanently repair these with a lifetime guarantee, using our experts and 40+ years experience in
basement and crawl space waterproofing.

Cracked or unlevel walls?

Carbon fiber is made up of thousands of strands all running in the same direction.
Since the strands are very strong and will not stretch, the wall cannot stretch or move. This adds strength to the wall itself, making walls stronger than before using the industry's best,

Carbon Fiber by StablWall.

Sinking, uneven concrete floors, patio, and other concrete surfaces?

Sinking concrete can create bigger issues, be unsightly, and dangerous.
We lift concrete areas by injecting polyurethane foam underneath the concrete, without tearing up the existing structure. We use the industry's best
Polyurethane Foam Injection by TERRATHANE.

Greater Charlotte & Greensboro NC • 704-301-4854

We use the industry’s finest and preferred methods to provide the most reliable and long-lasting repairs.
Our foundation support work improves a homes structure, safety, and longterm structural value.

AquaDry Waterproofing & Structural Reinforcement provides lifetime warranty repair services in North Carolina. You’ve selected the Greater Charlotte & Greensboro NC area. Your provider is Brandon Prewette of team AquaDry. We have 40+ years of waterproofing and structural reinforcement. You’ve also been selected to receive a free consultation. We will contact you as soon as possible about your request!

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Greater Charlotte: 704-301-4854 • Greensboro: 336-772-4003

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