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About Us

From the Owner

When and how did AquaDry Waterproofing & Structural Reinforcement Company start?

This is my short story:

I was part of a small group of brothers who were giving a helping hand to a dear sister in our congregation when I met Paul Tanner who happened to have a lifetime of experience as a waterproofing contractor. Paul was getting up in years and wanted to pass on his business and experience to the next generation. I was just finishing four years of college majoring in Business Administration at Appalachian State University. I was a very motivated young man married with a beautiful wife and daughter so Paul and I were a match!

The best thing I learned from Paul besides the lifetime of waterproofing experience was the “integrity” part. Always do what you say you’re going to do — when and how you say you’re going to do it, and for what you say you’re going to do it for! This is how I started my company almost 40 years ago in 1975.

One more thing worth mentioning. Most waterproofing companies then and now either do if from the inside or the outside and usually offer only one of these methods. Paul taught me how to do it both ways.

So unlike most companies, I look at each job objectively and decide with each individual job which way, or combination of ways, will best permanently solve the leak. This allows me to offer a full lifetime transferable warranty. So it doesn’t matter who owns the home, as long as it is there it is covered against any further leaking. We keep our warranty simple and straight forward (with no fine print), which is:

In the event there is water leakage from walls where AquaDry has waterproofed, for the lifetime of the home, regardless of ownership, AquaDry will repair leak at no charge.

Last of all, about two years into my waterproof business I added another necessary service of Structural Reinforcement to my service business. Because some customers had waited too long to solve their leak problem of water standing around their foundation, this delay led to footing settlement which created structural problems such as cracked walls and sagging floors. I teamed up with a structural engineer and thanks to his professional expertise came up with structural reinforcement systems, which corrected the structural problems at a huge savings for my customers.